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10 Things logoWhat is 10 Things?
10 Things is an online self-directed 10 week course developed by the Scottish Government (SG) Library. The aim is for you to spend a little time each week developing your social media and information searching skills.

Each week we’ll post details about one or more of the tools from our 10 Things course and encourage you to try them out and reflect on them. Our aim is to present a realistic challenge that you can fit it into your schedule.

10 Things is based on the original 23 Things course which ran at the Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County in the USA in 2006.

How much time will it take?
We understand participants will have different time pressures so you can work through 10 Things at your own pace.   It doesn’t matter if you complete a week or the course early or late – the content for each week will always be available to you.  There is no deadline for completing the course.

When does it start?
The current course started on Monday 17th June 2019.  The next course will start at noon on Monday 2nd September 2019.

How can I join?

IMPORTANT:  The course will be delivered via a blog and the content held on Google Drive and Weebly.  Non Scottish Government staff should click on the following links to ensure they have access to Google Drive and Weebly before joining the course.

If you are not eligible to join you can access the course content at 10 Things.

How does it work?
Each Monday we’ll email you details about that week’s content.  You should be aware that:

  • You’ll be encouraged to share your thoughts on the tools we’ll cover by submitting comments on the 10 Things blog.
  • You’ll be invited to create accounts for a range of tools. These are some of the suggested activities and not compulsory – you decide which tools you’d like to create accounts for.
  • You can test what you learned by taking the short quiz at the end of each week.  This is not compulsory.
  • The course content is designed for Scottish Government staff.  However, where we have provided links to resources only available to Scottish Government staff we have also provided alternatives everyone can access.
  • The course includes suggested video content.  If you wish to hear these you will require speakers or headphones.
  • The course is not designed for mobile devices, so some content may not be available via your mobile device.
  • The course content is continually updated so we recommend saving the link to the 10 Things blog rather than printing the course content.

You can ask us any questions anytime and we’ll answer them as soon as possible.  There will also be online Q&A sessions in weeks 5 and 10.

Course programme
Week 1  Overview of 10 Things, blogs

Week 2  RSS (newsfeeds) and dashboards

Week 3  Presentation and meeting tools

Week 4  Twitter

Week 5  YouTube, Flickr, Instagram, SoundCloud, audioBoom, Pinterest, Snapchat, WhatsApp

Week 6  Government secure collaborative tools – Knowledge Hub, Saltire Team Sites*, eRDM Connect*, Huddle, Skype for Business, WebEx, OneNote, secure file sharing tools*, Digital Marketplace

Week 7  Open collaborative tools 1 – Facebook, LinkedIn, Yammer, Knowledge Network Communities

Week 8  Open collaborative tools 2 – Trello, Slack, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive

Week 9  Searching skills – Search engines, Go Google!, Google Scholar, social citation, Wikipedia, Library subject based resources, KandE (Knowledge and Evidence)*, IDOX, Knowledge Network

Week 10  Alerts and current awareness tools

*  Scottish Government only

You may freely reuse these course materials (except for material identified as provided by a third party) but we would ask you to acknowledge them as the work of the Scottish Government Library.  For more details please read the Scottish Government guidance on Crown Copyright.  If you have any queries, please email the Library, or call us on 44556.

10 Things classroom course links
10 Things classroom course presentation
10 Things presentation for NSS

28 thoughts on “10 Things

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  8. catching up on 10 Things week 3 at the end of week 4 😦 Its been a very busy few weeks

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  20. Hi,

    Just a query. Google Drive is labeled as non-secure. However, users/universities with Google Apps for Education are ensured security by Google, Jisc and others. This should perhaps sit between secured/non-secured I think, depending on how users are gaining access to Google Drive. Labeling it as non-secured will likely put potential users off.



    • Hi Dustin,

      Thank you for your comment. I should say that 10 Things is primarily designed for Scottish Government staff, although we hope most of 10 Things is applicable elsewhere. So our approach to information security follows government requirements. And within central and local government Google Drive is considered non-secure. I hope this helps.


  21. Unfortunately the current course is now full. However, would you like us to add your name to waiting list for the next course starting on 5th May? If so, please email us at Thanks.

  22. Hi, just come across this but registration is showing as closed. Is it too late to join? Thanks!

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  24. Thanks! Indeed there is. In fact we now use it frequently as a great venue for our Social Media Bites for SG staff 🙂

  25. This sounds great. Really like the idea of covering different topics over an extended period. You have come far!
    So there is still a VQ Learning Centre then?

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