Social Media for Government

Social media tools are increasingly used for collaboration and communication with colleagues and external partners.  This  introductory, interactive course is designed for Scottish Government staff who would like to find out what social media tools are being used in government and why.

You may freely reuse these course materials (except for material identified as provided by a third party) but we would ask you to acknowledge them as the work of the Scottish Government Library.  For more details please read the Scottish Government guidance on Crown Copyright.  If you have any queries, please email the Library, or call us on 44556.

Social Media for Government classroom courses SG staff only
Social Media for Government eLearning course

Social Media for Government blog exercise
Social Media for Government list of links
Social Media for Government manual
Social Media for Government presentation
Social Media for Government trainer’s notes * SCOTS access
Social Media for Government Twitter exercise

* SG Library staff only

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